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Free Adventure Game: The Magic Tower

Your mission
Welcome to your mission. You are a travelling adventurer, roaming the land and righting wrongs where you find them. You are armed with a wooden staff and are a capable fighter, but have found that your mind is a better tool for solving problems.

A few days ago, you came into a farming community, who told you of how they are being menaced by a sorcerer; he has used his powers to destroy their crops and threaten their very lives if they do not give the vast majority of their earnings to him.

You volunteered at once to bring this man to justice, and were directed to his base of operations: an old tower, which has been used by many people with magical powers over the years. Not all of the people whom you will find within will be your enemies, although you have been warned that the sorcerer has hired some guards to mind the entrance.

You stand before the tower now; it is a large, tall building, full of sharp corners and straight walls. The ground floor is large, but the top of the tower high above you looks to be no bigger than a single room. There are some windows high up on the structure, but no obvious entrances except for the double doors which stand before you.

Now it is time to begin your adventure ...
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